Should You Do Cardio Before or After Working Out With Weights?

When's the perfect time to kick off your cardio session? Don't pay any mind to those gym novices. What you need are the cold, hard truths that can genuinely revolutionize your fitness journey. Let's talk about how to squeeze every last drop of benefit from your cardio.

Cardio: The Glycogen Game Changer

Now, let's dive into the science, my friend. Strength training, it's a beast. It demands heaps of energy, especially when you're pushing your limits. In your body, glycogen is the secret stash of sugar, your main energy source.

So here's the kicker – if you hit the cardio treadmill before tackling those weights, your energy tank will be running on empty. You won't be hoisting as much iron, and your workout might fizzle out prematurely. And trust me, that's not what you're aiming for because muscles, my friend, they're like calorie-burning powerhouses, working round the clock.

Cardio? Well, it's a calorie-burner, but only while you're sweating it out. Starting with weights ensures you've got the energy to go all out. During weight training, you won't tap into your glycogen reserves as easily as cardio does.

By hitting the weights first, you can go all in and still have some juice left for your cardio finale. Plus, here's the secret sauce: starting with weights slightly depletes your glycogen reserves. Guess what your body resorts to next? Stored fat. Yep, that's how you end up with more muscle and less flab.

Cortisol: The Muscle Menace

Now, meet cortisol, the sneaky hormone that can wreck your muscle-building dreams. It's necessary for energy production, but too much? It's a muscle-eating monster.

Both weight training and cardio crank up cortisol, no doubt about it. But here's the twist – weight training also ramps up testosterone, the muscle-building hero. It's your key to a successful weight workout.

If you flip the script and do cardio before weights, cortisol gets released early. And guess what? It starts feasting on your hard-earned muscle, leaving you with a dwindling reserve of energy for the real work – lifting those weights. So, save your energy for post-weight training, and you'll dodge the cortisol bullet, preserving your muscle gains.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Now, let's talk calorie burn. Strength training doesn't set the calorie-burning charts on fire during your session, but here's the magic – it keeps those calories sizzling for hours afterward. Your body's in overdrive, building muscle and demanding energy.

When you tag on cardio after weights, you're giving your body double-duty. It needs to patch up those torn muscle fibers and top up your glycogen stores – not an easy task.

After you wrap up both weight and cardio workouts and grab a meal, here's the kicker: your body shifts into muscle-building gear. It prioritizes your strength and vitality. Now, if you're smart and load up on protein with just the right amount of carbs and veggies, that food won't become glycogen. Nope, it'll go straight to muscle repair. And this combo is so potent that it can crank up your metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout.

Injury Prevention: Your Secret Weapon

Remember this, my friend: cardio before weight training means lower energy levels. And combining weightlifting with low power? It's a recipe for disaster. Your focus is always on gaining lean mass – that's the goal.

Picture this: you start your workout, you're revved up to lift heavy, and then disaster strikes. If you're lucky, you just can't hoist that weight. But if you're not so lucky, you'll power through with lousy form and end up nursing an injury. Injuries, they can bench you for days, weeks, or even a lifetime.

It's just not worth the gamble, trust me on this.

Find Your Fitness Balance

So, here's the golden rule: save your cardio for the grand finale after you've conquered those weights. Cardio is vital for your heart, fat burn, and that fantastic post-workout glow. But by putting it after weight training, you're ensuring you've got a full tank of glycogen, keeping cortisol at bay, torching more calories, and steering clear of injuries. Patience, my friend, it's worth the wait.

Remember, in the world of fitness, timing is everything. So go ahead, seize that iron, and let your cardio journey be the grand crescendo. Your body will thank you, and you'll thank me later.

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